Resort Regulations

Below you will find useful information for your stay.

Living the resort

Is it possible to get to the accommodation by car?

No motorized vehicles are allowed inside the resort. Vehicles may come close to the accommodation only for unloading/loading luggage on the day of arrival/departure only, respecting the 10 km/h limit. Vehicles should then be parked in the designated parking area around the perimeter of the resort (unattended parking).

Are pets allowed?

Pets are not allowed, except guide dogs or pet-therapy dogs (the latter against documentation from the treating physician). The presence of the authorized dog must still be declared during the check-in paperwork. When checking out, €30.00 is charged for room disinfection expenses

We are a group of minors: can we stay at the resort?

Minors are accepted only if they are accompanied by their parents or other persons who have been given custody of them, showing relevant signed authorization.

Can I access the village during the day?

Daily access for non-staying guests is possible from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. upon showing ID. Up to two hours admission is free, thereafter admission to the resort is subject to payment to be made at the cashier’s office during opening hours. The guest will be provided with a paper bracelet to wear throughout their stay in the village.

Can I use my grill?

You can use your own barbecue outside the housing unit only if it is electric.

Your stay

When is it possible to enter the village on the day of arrival?

Units are delivered from 4:30 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. and must be vacated by 10:00 a.m. You can check in from 8:00 am and access the resort, leaving your car in the outdoor parking lot until the keys are handed over. For arrivals after 9:00 p.m., it is mandatory to notify the front desk in advance: a document must be left with the night watchman that can be picked up the following morning when checking in.

If a stay-over guest leaves the village a few days, does he/she still pay for the unfulfilled nights related to his/her presence?

No, nights not taken will not be counted. Every arriving/departing guest is necessarily required to go to the front desk for proper registration. At the time of balance stay, any unreported absences cannot be discounted.

How should I leave the accommodation on the day of departure?

Each kitchen is equipped with kitchenware. A list of the kitchen equipment provided in each accommodation can be requested by e-mail. Any extra equipment is available upon request, for a fee, while supplies last.

How should I leave the accommodation on the day of departure?

On departure the premises should be left tidy, the kitchen area clean with the refrigerator turned on and already defrosted, preferably the day before. No garbage should be left, and any rented linen should be placed in a bag (excluding linen in Bellavista rooms). The key to the accommodation should be returned to the front desk by 10:00 a.m. on exchange days (Saturday and Sunday) at counter No. 5. In case of non-compliance with at least one of the listed indications, charges starting from €50.00 may be applied even when the departure has already taken place, sending related receipt by email or mail to be settled by bank transfer or in ODAR offices.

After vacating the accommodation and handing back the keys, can I stay in the resort?

On the day of departure, after handing over the keys, it is possible to stay at the resort according to the regulations provided for the daily visitor.

Is it possible to cancel on-site services requested at the time of booking or already paid for and then not used?

Benefits booked and/or already paid for and not used cannot be discounted or refunded. There is no refund.

Camper area

What time can I access the pitch and when should it be vacated?

Pitches are available from 3:30 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. and must be vacated by 12:00 p.m.

Is it possible to pitch a tent, even a small one?

In the resort it is forbidden to pitch tents.

Can I use my grill?

You can use your own barbecue on the pitch only if it is a gas or electric one.

Where can I empty the wastewater tank?

It is mandatory to get the wastewater tank emptied in the designated area located at the exit from the indoor parking lot, outside of quiet hours.


Is it possible to use a free area for one’s equipment?

In the areas outside the 1st and 5th entrances, umbrellas, and private beach chairs/loungers can be freely placed, which must be removed in the evening and brought to the accommodation to allow cleaning operations and to avert theft or accidental damage for which the resort is not responsible.

Is there anyone to assist me in getting the disabled person into the water?

To help guests with disabilities bathe in the sea, volunteers provide their time, willingness, strength, and generosity. We are sure you will appreciate the availability of these figures, the added value of the resort. Theirs is not a professional service, but only material help and a valuable relationship opportunity that does not replace carers in their personal responsibility. Volunteer presence is guaranteed from June 15 to August 31.

Is it possible to have a walkway to get to the post in the vacant area?

The resort offers people with disabilities, who request it, a walkway to also place their own umbrella behind the two wooden walkways furthest outside the reserved area. Any requests for additional movable platforms at the 1st and 4th accesses or requests for walkways at the 5th access to the sea can be processed for a fee.